Vietnam Tips And Tricks: 20 Key Things To Know Before Your Trip

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Vietnam Tips And Tricks: 20 Key Things To Know Before Your Trip

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This list of useful tips and tricks of Vietnam is mostly for first time visitors, but it can help anyone achieve a safe and worry-free travel.

Someone who came to Vietnam, all most fell in love with the hearty people, the vibrant culture, and the amazing diversity of landscapes. Hope anyone who will travel to Vietnam also have the same rewarding travel experience.

However, this is a list of everything you should know before visiting Vietnam for safe and scam free trip to prepare you to one of the most amazing countries on Earth!!

1.Sort out your Visa 

2.Do not underestimate the size of the country

3.Be smart about your itinerary

4.Weather varies a lot.

5.Get ready to haggle

6.Hanoi is quainter than you think

7.People are lovely

8.So many Beautiful Sand Beaches in the South of Vietnam

9.Everyone’s a millionaire

10.Dress appropriately

11.It’s a paradise for foodies

12.Book direct tour from a high ranking company on Tripadvisor

13.Don’t miss Ha Long Bay Cruise, Sapa Valley, Ha Giang Loop, Hanoi Old Quarter and Ninh Binh province in the north of Vietnam

14.Don’t miss Da Nang, Hue , Hoi An, and Ba Na Hill in middle of Vietnam

15.Don’t miss Da Lat flower mountain city, Nha Trang Beach, Quy Nhon, Ho Chi Minh city, and Mekong Delta in the South of Vietnam

16.Don’t miss Phu Quoc Island

17.Wifi is everywhere

18.It’s freaking cheap

19.Avoid tap water!!

20.Go for the street food.

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