Tra Que Vegetable Village: How to become a farmer?

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Tra Que Vegetable Village: How to become a farmer?

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Looking to escape the bustling city? The Tra Que vegetable village is a quiet, tranquil and lush green farming area. Lined with neat rows of planted herbs and vegetables. A far cry from the busy streets and incessant horn-honking just around the corner.


Introduction to Tra Que Vegetable Village

Tra Que Vegetable Village is 3km far from Hoi An old town on the direction of northeast. This land was created more than 300 years ago when the locals were predominantly fishermen. However, after discovering the advantages of the Tra Que lagoon’s seaweed manure and the village’s rich fertile soil, locals began growing vegetables and herbs and have been doing so ever since.

The village supplies fresh and organic vegetables to restaurants, hotels, and local people in Hoi An, other districts in Quang Nam, and Da Nang city. Tra Que vegetables make up the unique flavors of the specialties in Hoi An such as tom huu, banh xeo, cao lau, mi quang, and more. Tra Que grows many kinds of vegetables used to make medicine and improve health as well.

When visiting Tra Que Village, you can feel the identity of a traditional village and witness the panoramic view of the green vegetable gardens. Meanwhile, the active lives of the local farmers are ongoing, as they care for and harvest their vegetables.

A grand total of 41 herbs and vegetables are currently grown by the farmers in the village. Ranging from winter melon and water spinach to amaranth and turmeric. There are only 20 days from the day the seeds are planted and harvested. They are all well-known and loved for them for their distinct Tra Que flavour.

Explore Tra Que Vegetable Village by your own

tra que water wheel cooking class
Riding bicycle around the village

For a leisurely stroll or bicycle ride through the Tra Que organic garden, perhaps stopping off at a Tra Que restaurant, no tour guide is needed and there is no entrance fee.

I recommend watching sunrise or sunset there. With the absence of buildings, Tra Que Village is an open and beautiful scenic spot. The sun looks like a huge egg, surrounded by the deep red and striped clouds, and reflected in the smooth surface of the river. Let’s enjoy the beauty of nature, and take stunning photos of this moment.

Although it’s, of course, possible to enjoy the beauty and culture of Tra Que without a guide, tours are beneficial here as they offer in-depth information and hands-on experiences with the locals.


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