Plum flower brings early spring in Moc Chau

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Plum flower brings early spring in Moc Chau

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Before spring, the plum gardens in Pa Phach hamlet in Moc Chau district, Son La province, have begun to wake up, dotting the area with pristine white flowers.

Moc Chau has long been famous for the white flower field improvementsthe tea plantation or forest gush of white plum blossom and also one of the attractions people dissipated attract tourists at home and abroad.

Moc Chau in Son La provincelies 180 km away from Hanoion Highway No. 6 to Son LaDien BienThe best time to travel around Moc Chau Tet (February calendaris seasonal peachplum flowers blooming around the streets so ubiquitous at this plateau is also the scenic vistas and romantic .

In the springthe Moc Chau is flooded in white plum blossom colorcherry blossom pink and wealth. You can stop at any public gardens caught on road.

As the sun began to warm up on the plateau and the hills of tea, it’s time plum branchestwigs apricots white flowers sprung racingRight to Moc Chau on sunny days you feel all the beauty of the flower-covered canopy lit plum under the blue sky.

Plum blossom in the period not long, lasting from 2 to 3 weeksso if you want to admire the beauty of this floweryou should plan to travel Moc Chau in the first days of February next.

Where many of the most plum blossom in Moc Chau is an area of pine forest and uplink of Ang Sap border gate, the center of Moc Chau town about 30 km.

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