Fall in love with the Sapa lavender hills

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Fall in love with the Sapa lavender hills

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You do not need to travel far to Europe, even in Sapa’s travel journey , you can still enjoy ‘virtual life’ with dreamy purple lavender hills. Join us and take a  Sapa Tour from Hanoi to here!

Lavender (also known as Lavender) is a popular flower grown in Western countries, especially France. Possessing a slender physique like a mop, carrying a gentle purple color, the lavender flowers always know how to conquer hearts. The flower has a warm, gentle and lingering fragrance.

Located within the Sun World Fansipan Legend – a cultural tourism complex has been operating since 2018 – Sapa lavender hill immediately attracted a large number of tourists to explore.

Thanks to the super-magical photos that are rumored to be shared on social networks, this lavender hill has become one of the most popular destinations by young people.

Currently, the largest lavender field in Sapa in the North has an area of ​​up to 15,000m2. Perhaps anyone who comes here for the first time must be stunned, not overwhelmed by the vastness, vastness but also full of dreams of this lavender hill.

Besides the enchanting Sapa lavender hills, don’t forget that Sun World Fansipan Legend also has loads of other super interesting activities waiting for you to explore!

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