When Does Han River Bridge In Da Nang Officially Swing?

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When Does Han River Bridge In Da Nang Officially Swing?

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Coming to Da Nang, tourist always concerns about what time Han River Bridge swings because this is the very first and only bridge that can swing in the middle of the river. People say that, if you come to Da Nang without discovering how Han River Bridge swings and how Dragon Bridge sprays fire, you seem not to have travelled Da Nang yet. So what time does Han River Bridge swing? How and how long? Let find out the latest updates below.

Building in 1997 and opened in 2000, Han River Bridge (Vietnamese: Cầu Sông Hàn) is known as the first modern bridge designed by Vietnamese architects and local workers, also, the first swing bridge ever in Vietnam. Becoming a significant cultural spot, it not only helps facilitate transports and promote tourism but also boosts the growth of the economy of the city.

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An interesting fact of this bridge is that every day, in the middle of the night, traffic will be stopped from crossing Han River Bridge in order to open the way for large ships to pass along, they built Han River Bridge with the construction that can be rotated 90 degrees to liberate the space on both sides of the bridge axis at around 1:00 am and stay along the river’s flow until 3:30 am before coming back to the initial position.

In recent years, Han River Bridge swinging has turned into a rare ‘specialty’ of Da Nang, although it is no longer needed for trading port, but they still make it swing to satisfy the curiosity of the tourists.

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