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Phong Dien Floating Market travel guide

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Mekong Delta of Vietnam is a unique destination full of things that is possible to make not only foreign tourists but also domestic tourists from other provinces surprise because of its charming. Fruit orchards, cuisine, the maze of Mekong rivers, canals and floating markets are the things which attract most.


Less crowded than Cai Rang, it has far fewer tourists and less activity. It’s most bustling between 5am and 7am, with little to see later. The market is 20km southwest of Can Tho; get here by road, returning to Can Tho through quiet backwaters.

How can you travel to Phong Dien floating market? Let’s dig into this blog with me.

Being one of 7 busiest floating markets in Mekong River Delta, Phong Dien Floating Market is famous as a place of selling and exchanging goods, a compelling attraction in Mekong Delta. The market is located at the intersection of three rivers, where Can Tho River separates from Hau River. The market is about 17 km from Can Tho City to the southeast.

Phong Dien floating market was founded as a truly retail floating market of Mekong Delta. Specificity of this land is the connection to each other by the complex system of rivers and canals.

In the market, there are boats selling household and working tools such as canoes, boats, roofing sheets, knives, hoes, machete, and fishing tools like fishing nets, or weaving products as baskets, and all kinds of general domestic and foreign cargoes. In addition, the market also sells many types of food: noodle soup, noodle with toasted meat, rice soup, Hu Tieu, and coffee, etc. In particular, there are dozens of ferry and vessels anchoring at the river’s bank. They are ready to take tourists to visit the floating market. Shipowners are often the locals, thus they should be able to work as “concierge”. With the function of a retail market, it is hard to see any big boats here. You will only see the small sampans and hear the sound from the merchants to advertise their own products which they are selling.

To catch the best scene of Phong Dien floating market, you must come here from the very early morning. Maybe around 5:30 AM is the best time for you to start your visit.

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