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Fansipan Legend In Sapa, Lao Cai

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Have you ever dreamed that you were walking in the clouds, enjoying the feeling of lightheadedness, floating and fresh? Have you ever thought of a beautiful city halfway through heaven and earth, the convergence of all the elite? In fact, it is not an illusory dream if you know the ideal destination for yourself. And if you want to enjoy it in Vietnam, why not go to Fansipan Legend? The most modern cable car in the world will take you on the journey to conquer Fansipan peak – the roof of the legendary Indochina, where you are lost in the magical scenery.

The Fansipan is located in Hoang Lien Mountain Range, and the tallest mountain in the three Indochinese countries of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, thus the sacred convergence of the heaven and the earth, long coined as the “Roof of Indochina” at the height of 3,143m. Topping the Fansipan is always a desire for outdoor enthusiasts and those with itchy feet.

Guided by will and determination, Sun Group successfully built the cable car system that trumps the “Roof of Indochina” by the name of Sun World Fansipan Legend.

Sun World Fansipan Legend is situated in the southwest of Sapa Town, and a premium compound of cultural tourist attractions, cable car service, amusement park and hotels in the breathtaking backdrop legends – the Fansipan. It’s a great masterpiece undertaken by two world famous cable car manufacturers Doppelmayer and Garaventa and designed and built with detailed specifications and stringent inspection of Sun Group for the sake of safety under any circumsntaces. Following the official operation, Sun World Fansipan Legend was registered by the Guinness Record as the tallest, longest and most advanced three-wire cable car system installed for the first time in Asia.

Besides Fansipan peak, you must definitely visit Bich Van Thien Tu and Thanh Van Dac Lo at Fansipan station. Bich Van Thien Tu, with an altitude of more than 3,037 m, is one of the spiritual sights on Mount Fansipan next to the pagodas of Ha, Lau Chuong, Lau Trong, and Dai Hong Chung. Bich Van Thien Tu is elaborate and sophisticated in every detail. This location is where heaven and earth meet, where yin and yang converge. Here, all sorrow is relieved; we only have a feeling of serenity and peace of mind.

Thanh Van Dac Lo is genuinely a heaven gate because when you stand here, you will see what it feels like to be heaven and earth as one, how wonderful. Along the corridor, you can see the whole beautiful sight to tell yourself that you are standing between the sky and the ground.

Besides, Sun World Fansipan Legend also organizes many significant festivals such as the alpine, azalea flower, triangle flower festivals, wine festival & Northwestern cultural space cuisine. A majestic but poetic Northwest cultural sky will be shown most prominently in the ecstasy, a memorable Fansipan Legend.

Business hours: Monday – Sunday


Address: Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam.

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